A Warning in Regards to SleepHero and other Counterfeit TSD's

AVEOtsd Single
AVEOtsd Single

AVEOtsd Single

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Over 90% of people fit the Medium - to the point that we sell so little of the smalls and larges it costs us more to manufacture them, so these are $10 extra. Unless you feel you have an overly large or overly small tongue, we recommend you order the Medium

If you are serious about stopping snoring - the AVEOtsd is the only device you need.

Begin using it and within just a few nights your snoring will have stopped, your breathing will have settled down and everyone in your household will be getting a good night's sleep.

When you buy your AVEOtsd from this website, you can be certain that you are buying the genuine article. Don't be taken in by cheaper products advertised elsewhere. They will not be genuine AVEOtsds.

All genuine AVEOtsd units come with a two-year money-back guarantee on workmanship and materials. But please note that for health and safety reasons if you change your mind after purchase, products are not refundable if the packaging has been opened and the product used.

Buy now and solve your snoring problems once and for all!